Requiem for Mr. Shakespeare and the Internet

The Shakespeare Resource Center was born of a class project in the distant annals of 1997 (which is the Internet equivalent of a millennium, give or take). The site began as a meager collection of Internet resources, of which there were only a handful of prominent metasites. One of the first hits I came across on Alta Vista—remember that search engine?—was Terry Gray's Mr. Shakespeare and the Internet.

It was everything a Shakespearean site could be, and over the years, I've given my nods to it time and again as the best. I never considered the site a competitor, mostly because it was never a competition. I simply tried to make the Shakespeare Resource Center a valuable online resource in its own right, with many a pointer to the wealth of information that Terry Gray provided within his pages.

It therefore came as a shock to learn recently that Mr. Shakespeare and the Internet is no more.

All I can say is that I wish the best for Terry Gray, and the Internet has lost its most prominent site for online Shakespearean resources. And that's coming from someone who can appreciate how difficult it is to create and maintain that kind of website. While the Shakespeare Resource Center may fill some of that void, there remains a void nevertheless. If you ever had the chance to visit the site, you'll know what I mean.

In closing, Terry Gray and his contributions will be sorely missed. I'm still striving to make this site live up to the standard set by Mr. Shakespeare and the Internet, and it is sad to see such a great site has come to an end.


J. M. Pressley
SRC Webmaster

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